Our mission is to raise awareness, provide education, and mobilize support to confront the greatest tragedy of our time.




Art as

Art is the cornerstone of Freedom58, distinguishing us from other organizations. Our unique use of art captures attention and poses the critical question: "What's at stake?" This artistic approach not only defines our identity but also opens doors to deeper engagement.


Education as

Following impactful visual narratives, we provide crucial education to illuminate slavery's realities. By sharing compelling data and stories, we transform curiosity into informed advocacy. Our educational efforts are the mission's heartbeat, giving voice to silent stories.


Experience as

Our strategy culminates in experiential events that invite direct participation and support. These events feature experts from around the globe and foster strong partnerships with key organizations, offering everyone the chance to take concrete action against slavery.

Faces of Freedom Art Exhibit in Centennial, Colorado

Voices Calling for an End to Modern-Day Slavery

As visitors explore the exhibit, they will journey through a series of paintings depicting the transition from oppression to freedom. With each painting, they are prompted to reflect on specific questions and afterward, are invited to discover actionable ways to contribute to the fight against oppression.
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“We believe artists have a unique ability to express a survivor's hopes and dreams. When the fabric of life has unraveled, artists replace injustice with dignity, beauty and honor. Through the Faces of Freedom art exhibit, artists utilize their talents to bring light to the true stories behind the scourge of slavery and violent oppression.” 

- Bob Swenson, Co-Founder, Freedom 58

The Why Behind Our Work

The Statistic that Nobody Believed

by Bob Swenson, President and Co-Founder

I’d spent ten years of my professional career playing outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos as a member of the legendary “Orange Crush” defense of the late ’70s and early ’80s. In the world of the NFL, accolades and honor are given for popularity, power, and fame. 

And in that era, locker room conversations about the experiences of racism, exploitation, and oppression seldom took place. We didn’t really know about the scale of violent oppression of the poor and the many forms that oppression takes.


Our Partners

In addition to our direct program work, we guide and strengthen anti-trafficking organizations in the pursuit of justice. 

We actively collaborate with anti-trafficking organizations both locally and globally to maximize our impact and create a world free from exploitation.

The Impact of our Work


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By becoming a monthly donor, you become a key partner in our ongoing fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

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A Decision Toward Action

From Darkness to Light: Stories of Resilience

The Story of Libby Swenson, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Libby Swenson first experienced oppression and actual injustice in her early twenties. "For the first time in my life," Libby relates, "I was confronted with the stark reality of the oppression of the poor and how systems of injustice take away the lives and dignity of the underprivileged and defenseless."

... This encounter significantly impacted my life, and as a result I pledged to contribute to the effort to end serious injustices in the world."

Then, Libby learned about the issue of modern-day slavery, which stoked her desire to make a difference in the fight to eradicate human trafficking and a few years ago, had the unique opportunity to visit a brothel and meet women personally who had been trafficked into the worst kind of slavery.



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