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Purpose of the position:

To grow as a leader who is Christ-like in character and full of faith; and to pursue, in the context of justice*, expertise in three ministry arenas which have as their aim bringing the “gospel of the glory of Christ” to every student.


  • New Staff Coach/Facilitator for ongoing Training and Leadership Development

  • Local Leader(s) for ministry direction, development and shepherding

  • Libby Swenson, Partnership Director for Cru/IJM, for virtual justice team meetings, coaching and training


1. GROW IN FAITH AND LOVE FOR THE LORD (Relationship with God):

  • Practice the principles of the Spirit-filled life (Confessing sin, depending on the Holy Spirit rather than trusting own efforts, etc.)

  • Develop a healthy, regular intake of Scripture and a habit of prayer and understand the Biblical call to seek justice
  • Once a month, set aside a day with the Lord – for prayer, reflection, study and spiritual renewal

2. GROW AS A LEADER (Relationship with yourself):

  • Complete New Staff Training Curriculum and Justice Curriculum*

  • Give adequate attention to my priority relationships outside of work

  • Make a personal development plan and share with at least one other person

3. GROW IN LOVE FOR OTHERS (Relationship with others):

  • Serve the poor and oppressed whether on campus or locally

    Contribute to making your team a safe, loving place where the team can process life together & experience ministry together

  • Consistently demonstrate grace and truth to your team

  • Understand and value the diverse gifts of the body of Christ represented within your team and be able to credibly articulate your passion for justice and the story of our justice partner, IJM, with your team

  • Serve your team and respectfully follow your leaders



  • Do lots of evangelism in the context of justice both in one-on-one conversations and in groups

  • Cross Cultures to more effectively share the gospel and effectively connect justice to other cultural groups

  • Pray for opportunities as you pray for the lost and reach those far from Christ who want to fight injustice

  • Learn how to gather new audiences in new places on campus

    • This includes hosting a Justice Week on campus and in surrounding areas

      • Can also include other IJM events, Stand 4 Freedom, Campus-Wide Advocacy initiatives, movie screenings, etc.

  • Receive speakers training for the various speaking engagements you will be a part of
    • Host a seminar at your regional Christmas conference
    • Host a seminar or speak at your regional Fall retreat
    • Speak at least once for your Cru weekly meeting
  • As you share Jesus’ good news, also model His good deeds by doing justice
  • Take the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit, leaving the results to God

  • Share your own faith story and justice journey

  • Master Cru tools (, Knowing God Personally, CoJourners, Life@Large, The Justice Cycle of Momentum, etc.); and invent new ones

  • Lead people to the point of decision in the context of justice conversations

  • Equip others in how to share their faith in the context of justice

  • Track effectiveness of Gospel conversations as it relates to justice events


a)  Using a variety of means (one-on-one, small groups, web, Gospel in Action pages on Crupress Green, etc.), seek to ground all new believers and newly involved Christians in the basics of the Christian faith so that they are established in their faith, growing in a vital relationship with Christ, and regularly introducing others to Christ (rapid reproduction)
b)  Develop follow-up strategies for Justice Weeks and other justice related events
c)  Formulate success indicators and develop strategies to expand justice movements within the USCM framework

d)  Develop Christ-centered laborers who understand, experience and pass on the following foundational Christian truths:

    • Assurance of salvation [1 John 5:11-13]
    • Experiencing God’s love and forgiveness [1 John 1:5-2:2]
    • Christ-centered living [Philippians 1:20-22; 3:3-10; Colossians 2:6]
    • Filling of the Spirit [Ephesians 3:16, 17; 5:18; Galatians 5:16-26]
    • Prayer [Luke 11:1-13]
    • The Word [2 Timothy 3:16, 17; Hebrews 4:12]
    • Fellowship [Acts 2:42-47; Hebrews 10:24-25]
    • Witness [Acts 1:8; Colossians 4:2-6]
    • Complete Surrender [Mark 8:34-38; Romans 12:1,2]
    • Great Commission [Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 24:45-49]
    • Great Commandment [Matthew 22:36-40]
    • Great Compassion [Matthew 25:31-46]
    • Call to Lifestyle of Justice [Isaiah 58; Micah 6:8]


e)  Equip students to reproduce their lives by launching new movements
f)   Take the initiative to speak at Cru events, retreats and conferences about the justice movement and train students to help.              Ensure that justice is included in Cru venues in your region
g)  Become proficient in coaching justice movements from a distance



  • Conduct evangelism and plant and grow movements based upon the priorities your local team establishes alongside your Justice Intern position

  • Plant and grow justice movements in new locations and among new cultural groups

  • Plant new movements using winning as the usual mode

  • Accompany new believers back to their communities to win/build/send others

  • Equip students to plant and grow new justice movements

  • Become an expert at tracking results and effectiveness, coordinating and creating new strategies to launch justice movements and sharing stories

  • Cast vision for and invite students to join with us on Staff, Stint and as Interns and Justice Interns


  • Build the necessary habits to cultivate solid funding for your life and ministry needs as it relates to the justice partnership

  • Understand and pursue an annual plan for cultivating your Ministry Partner Team

  • Take one day a month to send out a newsletter and raise new support


Our desire is to give every student a chance to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus

  • With your coach, set a faith-goal for justice gospel conversations during these two years (this should include one on one, small group and large group initiatives)

  • Every new believer completes Basic Follow-Up

  • With your coach and with Libby Swenson, determine where you will plant new justice movements

Justice* - specifically modern-day slavery, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of women and children, oppression of the poor and other IJM related issues.  There are numerous human rights issues that students address, but for the purpose of the Cru/IJM Intern position justice issues will be limited to only these.  

Justice Curriculum* – including, but not limited to,

  • Gary Haugen’s books, Good News About Injustice, Terrify No More, Just Courage and (coming soon) The Locust Effect.  Tim Keller’s Generous Justice

  • Crupress Green materials, Justice Cycle of Momentum, Launching Justice Movements, Win, Build, Send in the Context of Love and other related articles.

  • Sermons on justice – Tim Keller, N.T. Wright. Can be found on iTunes & Tunes U