"Hope in His unfailing provision"

Partner Spotlight

This week we want to highlight one of our partner organizations, Agape International Mission, AIM. Initially started in 1988 by Don and Bridget Brewster, AIM began as a Cambodian church plant & humanitarian organization. After a routine trip to Cambodia in 2005, Don and Bridget learned the horrific details of Cambodian children being sold as sex slaves.  The Brewsters could not ignore what they learned. In 2006 they opened the first AIM restoration home.

The Brewsters found there were no where for girls to go once they were rescued. Without a safe place to go, those luckily enough to be rescued often found themselves right back in the horrific cycle of slavery. Furthermore, the communities so many of these girls came from were crawling with pimps. It was unsafe for them to even go home. After opening the AIM restoration home, AIM began opening community centers that provide education, resources, jobs, and a safe place for children to play and just be children.

Through the community centers and restoration homes, AIM has seen incredible transformation throughout Cambodian communities. The latest AIM update reports an amazing 95% success rate of reintegrating survivors of trafficking!! Praise God! This means that 95% of the girls who are rescued and come through AIM’s aftercare program do not return to slavery!!

Freedom 58 is so excited to partner with AIM. Together we share in the celebration of rescue, healing and restoration for so many. It is an honor for Freedom 58 to build and display a portrait exhibit that sheds lights on the global epidemic of human trafficking but more than anything, display an exhibit of hope.

As the Freedom 58 Portrait Exhibit continues to grow, we are thrilled to share in the hope that AIM is bringing to Cambodia. You can also celebrate God’s hope being brought to Cambodia. Putting God’s hope on display requires canvases, shipping materials and plaques. You can give here in celebration of God’s justice, redemption and hope in Cambodia through AIM.