Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate — Harvey Fierstein

What is the Faces of Freedom Exhibit?

We believe in the unique ability that artists have to see people deeply, and create dignity, hope and beauty amidst the brokenness of our world. In response to the issue of modern-day slavery, the Faces of Freedom Exhibit will be a place to journey with survivors through their stories of oppression, injustice, and violence, to rescue, restoration, and freedom. It will give viewers a chance to reflect on our own stories of injustice, and inspire action to re-purpose our freedom for the sake of others. 

Artists Interested in Contributing a Freedom Portrait

Help us tell stories of rescue and restoration by donating your time, talent, and perspective. Your unique abilities to portray the faces of freedom can bring dignity, greater awareness and inspire action to the thousands of visitors who will view your work.

All portraits are to be hopeful and dignified, devoid of darkness or despair. We will gladly provide stories to inspire your creation. Certain subjects are identified as “Dignity Portraits,” where the identity of the subjects will be protected through the use of pseudonyms, covering the eyes in a creative fashion, and omitting the subject’s location (country, region, village.)

Our exhibit is expanding to add diversity in style, medium, and movement. We are beginning to add landscape, abstract, and contemporary art forms. We are looking for artists who can illuminate the work of justice, moving an audience to action. All artists are welcome to collaborate with us and our mission to reveal the beauty of freedom.

Ready to use your creative talent to fight injustice? Contact Bob Swenson at to participate or with your questions. Or apply here:

Application for Artists

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Participating Artists

Alana Knuff

Alyssa Wilson

Amy Evans 

Amy Queen 

Anastacia Drake

Angelica LaHaise

Ann Feldman 

Anne Cameron Cutri 

Apodaca Gualaupe

Barbara Fabian

Barbara Gomez

Betsy Ashton 

Bonnie Wakeman

Carly Madigan

Caroline Colby-Gonzalez

Carol Berning

Carrie Henderson Rego

Cathy Gilbert

Chris Saper 

Christine Raymond

Christy Pilkinton

Cindy Lewis 

Connie Erickson 

Daniel Jimick 

David Beal 

David Gage 

Dawn Eaton

Deborah McAllister 

Deborah Howland-Murray

Debra Jones 

Denise Warsalla

Diane Cardaci

Don Sahli

Donna Kemper

Douglas Aaberg 

Drake Anastacia

Elizabeth Carr

Ed White 

Francis Philibert 

Gail Gazes

Gary Michael 

Glenda Gleave

Gloria Heifner 

Heidi Bacon

James Hatch

Jan Trager 

Jean Hildebrant 

Jean Smith 

Jean Turner Smith

Jen Harlow

Joanne Hanson

Johanna Spinks

Jocelyn Guidry

Joel Pritchard

Jon Munden

Jordan Knoepfel

Josephine Lee

Judee Dickinson

Judi Jordan

Karen Barton

Kathy Morris

Kristen Van Mourick

L. Anne Mainieri

Laura Funk  

Lillian Mason

Linda Leonard Hughes

Linda Manus Smith

Linda Mullen

Lisa Andrews 

Lisa Gleim 

Lise Ansley

Liz Gage

Louise Kenney

Lynne Gleason

Lynne Marie Davis

Maj Kalfus 

Marcene Glover

Marg Lamendeau

Marianne Billingsley

Marianna Duford 

Marta Crawford

Mary Jane Miller 

Mary Lamendau

Mary (Rusty) Parenteau 

Mary Reilly

Mel Kistner

Michael Gibbons

Michael King 

Michelle Philip

Michele Rushworth  

Murielle Egan

Nancy Erickson

Nanette Fluhr 

Nanybel Salazar 

Nickee Barbee



Nicole Troup

Pamela Jonas

Patricia Ponikvar 

Patricia Rice

Patti Georgas 

Patty Kay Hall

Philip William Ramsey 

Polly Alice McCann

Rae Newell

Renee Edy 

Richard Stergulz 

Rita Cirillo 

Ronda Garten

Rosalie Vaccaro 

Sandra Hopkins

Shannon Reece 

Sharon Will

Sheri Farabaugh 

Siobhan Sreenan

Steve Morales 

Sue Bowser

Sue Flanagan

Susan Schalestock 

Susie Mottashed 

Tanya Larina 

Terry Young

Valerie Cleary 

Vianna Szabo 

Vidya Rae 

Vonnie Kohn

Vonnie Whitworth 

Wanda Greene